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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Couple therapy

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Being in a couple can be fulfilling and rewarding, but also challenging at times. The couple relationship is affected by changes in each partner as well as external events such as the birth of a baby, a bereavement, a job redundancy or an affair. Sometimes couples can manage such changes on their own, but sometimes they need help from an experienced therapist because they can’t move forward without arguing or withdrawing from each other.


As a trained couple therapist, I provide a safe setting where difficult aspects of your relationship can be discussed more openly and thought about. When you both have a better understanding of what is going on between you, you may recognise patterns of which you were not aware and where they arise from in your past. This will help you consider how things could be different between you and what might be the best possible outcome for your relationship.


Therapy begins with an initial consultation to talk about your situation and assess whether this is the right step for you. If it is appropriate, we will then arrange a time when you can attend each week.

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